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I am privileged that Brian Tracy has been both my mentor and co-author of the best-selling book "The Success Blueprint".

"I felt greatly honoured when the opportunity arose to work with multi Emmy® Award Winning Film Director Nick Nanton and crew, to bring Brian's work and life story to a wider audience."  Edward Fitzgerald, Producer

Premiered February 22, 2017
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Maximum Achievement: The Brian Tracy Story chronicles the life of the business and self-development expert, and how he overcame a tough childhood and shares the secrets to wealth, love, and happiness through the 7 Mental Laws.
Genres     Special Interest
Director    Nick Nanton
Starring    Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Edward Fitzgerald, Richard Tyler
Awards    Gold Telly Award - 2018


I am currently working with multi Emmy® Award winning film Director Nick Nanton and crew, as Executive Producer. 

This film will share some truly inspirational insights from 21st century dreamers who have dreamed big and achieved bigger! 
"Dean Kamen (Billionaire Inventor) who is a modern day Thomas Edison - Lisa Nichols is #1 Transformational Female Speaker of The Secret fame - Peter H. Diamandis is Founder and Executive Chairman of XPrize Foundation and Founder of Singularity University -  Anousheh Ansari is the first female private astronaut, an Iranian born Engineer and CEO of XPrize Foundation ... these are just a few of the truly inspirational individuals featured in the documentary movie"

Edward Fitzgerald, Executive Producer

Currently In Production


Currently In Production
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