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Book cover Smoke & Mirrors


A Compendium To Your Undoubted and Inalienable Rights

Formal Statement by: Edward: Fitzgerald
Issued: 18 November 2023

Re. Open letter to the King - [Published on Do Not Consent campaign website / YouTube / other social media]

To be absolutely clear, I do not endorse this open letter and have not contributed to its content.


I am in no way connected to this campaign, nor any campaign associated with the 'do not consent' website (donotconsent .co .uk)

This letter contains copyrighted text from my book Smoke and Mirrors (p.173 Appendix A - Affidavit, statement 17), and a link to FCO 30/1048 uploaded by myself to which clearly identifies me.

Much of what is presented in the letter contains evidenced facts from my book, and whilst I have no control over the use of that information; the letter is written based upon the proposition that we the people are Subjects of His Majesty, when in reality we are sovereign living men and women EQUAL to the King.  This is evidenced in my book and accompanying Affidavit forming the Petition of Right.

Additionally there are potentially seditious statements made in the open letter that I do not support, and do not wish to be associated with in anyway.

I have always stated, there is no substitute for doing your own research before autographing or putting your name to a document.  I took great care in writing the Affidavit (Petition of Right) to ensure no harm would come to those who chose to autograph, and swear it as their statement of fact.  The book has been written to assist individuals in performing their own due diligence and research, prior to their own use of the Affidavit - Petition of Right contained in Smoke and Mirrors.

I am requesting those behind this open letter to remove the link to documents associated with myself , together with the text copied from my book.

The original text for reference can be viewed in my book here.


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