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!NSP!R!NG M!NDS with Edward Fitzgerald follows the core philosophy that human potential is both Unbounded and Unlimited.

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Edward Fitzgerald (an Innovation Pioneer, Author, Award-Winning Producer, and Executive Producer of the 3x EMMY Award inspirational film Dreamer) hosts a variety of inspirational individuals from Authors to Olympians, World Record holders to World Changers, and Everyday people who have become Extraordinary by overcoming adversity and against the odds found the passion and positivity to follow their dreams.

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Episode #1 - 16th December 2023 19:00 GMT

Edward is joined by Raquel Braganza to understand how she transformed herself by taking responsibility for being co-dependent.  As a result she found both joy and celebrated fuck yeah moments in the darkness of despair, Raquel now coaches and empowers women in similar situations to take back control. 
#codependence #despair #helplessness


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