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I have never been a person that likes to be pigeon holed, I am many things to different people and do not believe a title is a true reflection of the capabilities of an individual. I truly believe in the greatness that lies within every human being and their capacity to grow, improve both themselves and the lives of others around them. We are after all trans-disciplinary beings equipped with the most advanced, but vastly underutilized supercomputer - our brain!

My own experience from the full recovery from a traumatic brain injury, which could so easily have robbed me of my future, is testament to the ability for the brain to repair itself. Not only did it rewire and reconnect those broken neural pathways, giving me access to my memory through the science of neuroplasticity.  I have continued to apply those exercises I used and meditation techniques to further enhance and develop my mental capacity.  Dr Joe Dispenza's work and the evidential data collected from his studies are showing that by raising our consciousness, we are able to  ...

"Success propels those who invest in themselves and others!"

Be the change

"Use kind words; words that
really mean something to you.
Do not underestimate the impact they will have on the thoughts, feelings
and aspirations of others"

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